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This is the official guild website for Cake or Death. We are a raiding guild, but we allow casual members. It is your choice. Do you want to be casual with your cake, or do you want to fight for it?
Cake or Death you can have your cake and eat it too. 
Guild News

Raid Rift Event Follow-up

r_spence1, Apr 30, 11 2:56 PM.
Well this was an interesting one wasn't it.

We cleared our second Death invasion with no issues, Good Job! Although when it came to our second Rift of the night the problems started.  

Even though we failed to clear the life rift, we did spend the time learning what raiding is like in rift and we also got the tactics down for this event.  So next time,  we should nail it.

So on closing,  thanks for coming and please try to gear up more for next time.

1.2 Patch Notes

r_spence1, Apr 22, 11 10:30 AM.
For those that haven't seen the 1.2 patch notes, here's a link.

The main thing of interest to us is the 10 man raid instance! :D

Guild Status

r_spence1, Apr 10, 11 12:13 PM.

Current Guild Status.

The guild is progressing well, We have a team that have all T1 content on farm, along with other members gearing up through T1 content also.  T2 runs start today and we will look at first getting a core team to get everything on farm and then boosting guild members through to gear them up.

We are lacking healers... because of this i have decided to have 1 member dedicated to recruitment, please check the forum for more information.

Once we have 2 more dedicated healers, we will have the numbers / class combinations available to run raid rifts.

Good work all, 

Things are starting up!

r_spence1, Mar 30, 11 7:51 AM.
Now that more members are at maximum level, we can start thinking about end game content.

The guild will start running expert rifts on 31/3/11 and from there start gearing up on T1/T2 content.

Then as soon as we have the numbers, we will start raiding.

The guild DKP system is being worked on at the moment and full details will be posted on the forums some time this week, but in short.

DKP will be earned by:

  • Attending Events (Raids / Rifts)
  • Killing bosses
  • For each item a boss drops
DKP will be spent on:
  • Items that bosses drop

Applicant Notice

r_spence1, Mar 23, 11 10:58 AM.
When a member applies to the site, there is a brief period where the applicant needs to be approved. 

For this reason its advised you talk to either Rick or Pipp in game if you want imediate access.
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